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Company Overview

Akund is a full-service communication consultancy firm based in Mumbai that provides value-oriented public relations and digital marketing services to brands and individuals.

Our relationships with our client is sacred. That’s why we believe in creating communication with them through engagement and relationship building.

We deliver outstanding results to our clients and help build exceptional image and reputation at a fraction of the cost of a large agency.

Our talented staffs are dedicated to providing their support and expertise to help the clients reach the right audience and deliver their message to the society.

Built on strong strategic capabilities we leverage our strengths in Real-Estate, Infrastructure, Start-ups & E-commerce, Fashion & Lifestyle, Hospitality, Entertainment, Education, Health, and Logistics.

Our Philosophy

We take ethics very seriously. Hence, we believe in ethical PR and endeavor to communicate any message out there with positivity, authenticity and transparency.


We want to be recognized as the go-to communication firm in the country and deliver an exceptional integrated communication solution which to our clients, which surpasses their highest expectations.


We want to create a long-term relationship with our clients and become a valuable member of their team by offering the best-in-class communication solutions.

Our Services

Media Relations

Information flows through media and having a healthy relationship with those at the helm of creating news is vital to get positive coverage in media. read more

Content Development

Akund believes in going beyond releasing press releases, and product announcements. We not only help our clients with promotional strategy but also with content creation to make it more compelling that it draws the attention of the media. read more

Crisis Management and Crisis Correction

Not all publicity is good publicity. A PR crisis can strike anytime irrespective of whether you are a startup or an experienced company and can snowball to epic proportions if not contained on time. A mishandled PR crisis can burn a company badly, as evident from some recent incidents. read more


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is taking off big time with organizations – big or small. Today, customers are making it clear that they want to do business with corporates whose values have a positive impact on society and environment. read more

Media Coverage and Monitoring

After working hard on a story and getting it out there, it is time to monitor the media coverage. It is important to keep an orderly record of what has appeared where which determines the success of your PR strategy and how it has impacted the brand. read more

Launch & Media Events

The fastest and efficient way to inform customers about the launch of a new product or service is to organize a press event. A well-organized press event can attract the right press which can help in creating a buzz in the market. read more

Social Media & Online Reputation

The vertiginous rise of social media has made the platform a powerful tool in a business’s online reputation management. Whether you are an individual or an organisation maintaining a spic and span online reputation is a necessity if you want to have a competitive edge against others in the market. read more

Market Research & Survey

Today’s constantly shifting market trends has necessitated the need to stay tuned to the current trends and maintain the competitive edge. This is why conducting market research and surveys on a regular basis has become vital in business strategy. read more

Our Clients