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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is taking off big time with organizations – big or small. Today, customers are making it clear that they want to do business with corporates whose values have a positive impact on society and environment.  They want corporates to go beyond only profit making and follow sustainable strategy.

Akund helps its clients to achieve their CSR objectives through awareness campaigns in health, education, and environment. We develop and plan CSR strategies in line with the client’s corporate philosophy and ethics. On behalf of our clients, we create an effective value system around their brand to achieve goals that benefit the larger society.

CSR has become a fundamental part standard business practice. It helps them give back something to the society which elevates the company’s overall reputation in the market. 

A purposeful approach to CSR can do wonders for a brand’s identity. It makes you stand out in the crowd. 

We help you to chart an impressive CSR strategy which is aligned with your aims and objectives. The plan will take stock of how your business operates and the ways you can make a positive impact on society and environment.