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Crisis Management and Crisis Corrections

Not all publicity is good publicity. A PR crisis can strike anytime irrespective of whether you are a startup or an experienced company and can snowball to epic proportions if not contained on time. A mishandled PR crisis can burn a company badly, as evident from some recent incidents. 

In this age of social media, where it takes a second to make news viral, crises can escalate furiously and swiftly.  While it takes years to build a brands reputation, it takes an instant to destroy it. Irrespective of the scale of a scandal, it can dent a clients’ image; but timely intervention can help contain the issue. 

Akund understands this and we work closely with clients to develop communication strategies based on uncertain scenarios. We work with client and media very closely to successfully manage sensitive crisis situation, and ensure they are fully prepared in the event of any potentially damaging message. We help our clients to communicate in real time during crisis situation, as well as our crisis correction methodologies help clients re-build and regain their reputation and public trust.

Today, news travel fast thanks to social media and if we are caught unprepared to can do unprecedented damage to both brand image and reputation.

Our team has a knowledgeable and deep understanding of how to deal with crisis and when to take a proactive or reactive approach when chalking out the media-response strategy.

We understand the importance of a protocol for the proper management of crisis in such a situation which often happens when you least expect it. 

Following the protocol out team will gather facts quickly on the basis on which our clients can respond sooner before anyone has the chance to spread fake or negative views. Even in the face of negative reviews, a timely response will help contain the crisis which will put forward the message that public interest comes before your organization's interest.