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Launch & Media Events

The fastest and efficient way to inform customers about the launch of a new product or service is to organize a press event. A well-organized press event can attract the right press which can help in creating a buzz in the market. 

From press conferences to brand launches, Akund is well endowed to strategize and execute PR events of any scale. We know how a well-organized event can do wonders to a brands’ reputation, and how a bad one can ruin it. 

Therefore, to make sure that our clients’ event is a success we work closely with them to understand the objective behind the event and the audience they have in mind. From creating a buzz before the launch to choosing the right venue, inviting media influencers, follows ups, we make sure that nothing is left out to make the launch or event a grand success.

To market the event before the launch we put together an online market strategy which involves the use of online tools like emails, social media, and sometimes offline methods too.

We leave no stone turned to invite the right media influencers and let them experience the launch and share their own experience and stories through photos, videos, and content. Such kind of engagements leads to higher impressions and creates the right hype around the product and Brand. 

At Akund, we believe in also engaging events with digital and social marketing tools. This ensures that those who were unable to attend the event can take part through sharing the news on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and others. 

A launch doesn’t end with the event.  A successful launch just doesn’t involve the showcasing of the product or service but goes further with follow-ups with the media stakeholders, press releases on traditional and digital media, and feedbacks of the audience.