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Media Relations

Information flows through media and having a healthy relationship with those at the helm of creating news is vital to get positive coverage in media.

Akund understands that facilitating communication and relationship between organization and its target media is vital. Media relations is a basic service that every company requires to increase their brand visibility in the market. 

Hence building effective media relations is at the core of our communication services. 

Not only that getting a coverage makes a better business sense then shelling out money on those expensive advertisements. 

Over the years we have built a strong relationship with the right stakeholders in the media world at both national and regional level. We liaison with the media to put across our clients’ stories and inform the public about their product, achievements, plans, etc. 

We work with the media to develop stories, understand their editorial trends and act as an information desk on behalf of our clients. We ensure that we pitch journalists with interesting and relevant stories. 

Before approaching the media with a story, we diligently follow a due process to ensure that the story idea has a novelty which will interest the audience at large. We are familiarized with the beats that each individual media person covers and accordingly approach them with story ideas and announcements.

We also have a very comprehensive list of all the offline and digital media platforms and journalists associated with them along with their contact details which we update on a regular basis. 

If you don’t have a compelling story to share my team will assist you in carefully crafting something that will make the audience sit back and take notice.  

To strengthen our media relations we do regular media rounds even when there is no news to share, meeting media people on an individual basis so that the recall value is higher.